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Todd Is Godd - The Original Series
What you are about to read/digest/otherwise attempt to absorb is the TRUTH of what has been going on with the man who wrote LIARS. Information has been gathered person to person and with anonymous informants, friends if you will.

I have remained quiet because I am a smart and respectful person. I respect the psychological space of people as well as their real physical space. This is precisely why I have not been visible and have remained private. I conduct my life and living according to my own singularity and principles. I am in no way endorsing or supporting the behavior of Todd Rundgren in the slightest, in fact, I repeatedly have informed him of the simple fact, "You are no Frank Zappa." I would also remind you all "if you have to ask, you wouldn't understand."

Duality exists and anyone who wants to tell you otherwise is full of new age malarky. There is right and wrong and good and evil. Illusionists would want you to deny these facts. They are liars. Truth IS reality and vice versa; therefore, anyone who denies the truth is delusional. All liars are extremely deluded.

Todd is a man not "godd" and he has had a rough go of it because of his own problems. People with problems attract other problem people. It was through the grace of God and technology that he and I became friends. I have come to learn that no one in his life has had any real interest in him as anything other than a commodity. It's a sad fact and if you have any compassion for him at all, you will be sad for him and say a prayer on his behalf.

What I can tell you is this:

LIES ARE DESTRUCTIVE and furthermore the wisdom of the ages has railed against lying as a means to any productive end. Societies that believe lying is a viable means to any productive end have all resulted in collapse. The human race itself is in danger of vanishing because